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Hello my name is Matt, I’m a very keen  herpetologist who’s wanting to inspire other herpetologists; to help others to learn about keeping their reptiles or wanting to purchase their first reptile. The site provides a variety of information about different Squamata ( Lizards and snakes) and Testudines (Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins ).

I do ensure my information provide is of the highest standards ensuring every need and want is mentioned for each individual specie I do.

Urgent Please Read – My Recent Activity :

After the inspiration episodes of ‘I Brought a Rainforest’ I’ve done my part by a small donation to the one the projects at the heart of movement forward to protecting the Amazon Rainforest. We all may feel why is it my issue but very simply without it we would lose a vast diversity of species from the many kingdoms on our planet – we also would lose the very lungs of our planet. But further more is supporting those less fortunate than myself in U.K

So follow myself do your part by making a donation to support families within the Amazon Rainforest who willing to protect it for us