Basic information About Bearded Dragons

How did it get it’s name ?

Bearded Dragons name is applied to this lizard due to be able to inflate the lower skin under the lower jaw bone. Giving it a beard like display.


What does it look like?

Bearded Dragon are 3 foot from tail tip to point of nose. They also have 4 short power full legs that enables them to jump high and leap far distance. The powerful legs also help the females dig the burrows to lay their eggs. Each of the feet has four nails that are very sharp to help dig and climb. Also They change  their scale colour to lighter and darker shades depending on how cold or hot there are which enables them to adsorb more heat or reflect more heat. They also inflate their beard when becoming threatened or territorial. As well, the bearded can change colour mostly to pitch black in these situations.


Why have a Bearded Dragon as a pet ?

Bearded Dragons are the most popular reptile in the reptile market. This is due to their interesting stance and behaviour. Further more, most Bearded Dragons enjoy human contact which is most important. They also carry a range of different characteristics. Mine loves me getting out the locusts box and the starts stratching at the glass wanting to go chasing after them on the other hand my male bearded dragon just rest on the wood looking and when he does go after them he is really slugish.


How hard are Bearded Dragons to own ?


Bearded Dragons are quite easy to get hold of all year round. As well you don’t need a DWA licence to own them. To find more information check out Bearded Dragon Breeders Index.


How hard are they to keep ?

Bearded Dragons are particular cheap to look after. You can feed them on vegetable from your local supermarket. You also will need to buy 5 tubs of live food that last two weeks for a pair of bearded dragons. The apart from the electricity bill (mostly weather like England).