Caring For The Hatchings

Getting out of the Eggs

Baby Bearded Dragons will have between one to three days. Baby Bearded dragons that are just hatching use a milk tooth to create a slit in the egg. They then continue to open the slit until they have freed them selves from the eggs.

After three days there may be still some that can’t hatch by their selves so using a pair of cuticle scissors you carefully create a slight from them to continue opening.

Some may still have a sac attached to them if so you must leave them to their own time to free them selves.

Most just hatched baby Bearded Dragons measure 3 to 4 inches.


Feeding baby Bearded Dragons

Feeding baby Bearded dragons is very serious business due to that if their over feed they can be paralysis in their rear legs and the full stomach puts great pressure onto their nerves.

They will need a lot of food but to prevent this from happening you will have to feed them small meals more frequently thought the day. If not eating the fine chopped vegetable remove it a offer it the following day.

Most Bearded Dragon breeders will feed the baby crickets in which the hatched Bearded Dragons are able to eat. They will feed on baby crickets for about 8 to 9 weeks.


Hatched Bearded Dragons vivarium

The just hatched Bearded Dragons can stay in the incubator for only a day whilst you set up the baby bearded dragon vivarium. You will need the set up from Setting up a Bearded Dragon enclosure (vivarium) both pages 18 and 19. The only difference is damp news paper on floor to stop the hatched Bearded Dragons becoming dehydrated. Also make sure the food is finely chopped and the water in bowl is swallow so that the baby bearded dragons can not drown.