Cleaning Out The Vivarium

What to use when cleaning my vivarium ?

Well there are many different reptile safe disinfectants on the market today. We cleaning out your vivariums do not use your household kitchen sink. You must also have some common sense when clean your vivarium. My rule is once you have touch any reptile items and moved it to different places you must use a antibacterial spray on that area after you washed you hands.

As for sand substrate you can use sand scoopers that allow the clean fine sand to pass but the unclean that clumpy doesn’t pass. You can buy these sand scoopers from If your sand is starting to smell I always replace it with new sand.

As for tiles you can use any liquid disinfectants in a bowl of water and sponge down the tiles. You can also buy cheap washing up cloths to clean the reptile items and then throw them away.

If using newspaper you can just throw it away and replace it with fresh newspaper. The only problem with newspaper is when it get hot the ink starts to release a smell.

As for chipsi mais just remove the unclean and replace it with fresh . I use a dust pan to scoop out chipsi mais or sand and use the brush to get it out of the joints. After wards I then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the rest.

The more time you spend cleaning the less chance of your Bearded Dragons becoming ill or having diseases and then your self becoming ill.