How To Choose Your Bearded Dragon ?

How I choose Bearded Dragons ?

Well there is a lot of consideration when choosing a Bearded Dragon.

For example :

Do I have the money to keep Bearded Dragons ?

Do I have the space for a Bearded Dragon vivarium ?

Once I know that I’m a 100% sure that I’m able to pay for the up-keep and have the time for a Bearded Dragon I will create a mind map.

Here is an example :


From this I’m able to choose my favourite five and if I have a favourite I’ll get that one but if I don’t I do a pick out the hat. Which is quite enjoyable for a family.

How to choose a Bearded Dragon out the stock in a reptile store ?

Before going out a choosing a bearded dragon I do recommend to ask some questions about your selected Bearded Dragon and hope that some experience Bearded Dragon keepers reply.

How did I choose ?

When I choose my Bearded Dragons I went asked question on Reptile forums and made sure that it was experienced replies where given.

Once I was sure about my chosen Bearded Dragon morph would be able to keep and didn’t carry any genetic genes that are problematic.

So which one should I choose from the stock at the reptile store ?  Well here are some pointers to help you choose which I got told by experienced reptile keeper.

  • Look for the health of the Bearded Dragons eg: tails, spine , eyes and the motion in which each walked.

  • Look for the ones that have some characteristics but don’t choose the one that comes running to the front of the glass.

  • Make sure that they carry the colouration that you’ve chosen.

  • Check for fresh vegetable , live food and water in the vivarium.

  • Check how clean the store is and the vivarium their in.

  • I would choose not the biggest one neither the smallest one but the average sized one.

  • Check the temperature which in the vivarium.

  • Check for the basic equipment e.g.: Heat bulb, UV and habistat.

  • Check poo’s condition

By following these pointers you should be able to choose the correct Bearded Dragon for your selves.