How To Get The Eggs Correctly Into Incubation

Most Easy Method

Well , when my Bearded Dragons lay their eggs in the laying box , I firstly remove the laying box so that I have more room.

Then a get out the tubs which I use to hold the eggs in out of my incubator. Next I make a trench in the vermiculite in which the eggs can’t rock from side to side. Then I remove the laying box lid. After I use a plastic spoon to gently scrap away any material over the eggs. Once I can see the eggs clearly , I then use a felt tip or marker pen to put a dot on top of the egg. I then use this dot to determine how far I might of turned it. You must keep the dot towards the sky. I then lift the onto the plastic spoon with out the egg being turned at all. Once on the plastic spoon I move it just in front of the trench where I then lift it into the trench. I then repeat this for every egg. Once that is done I then replace the tubs with the eggs back into the incubator for 60 to 80 days. I then put cocktail umbrellas over the eggs to prevent them going mouldy.

I also put the glass thermometer on one of the tubs. The incubator should stay at a constant 84 Fahrenheit.