Human Interaction Teaching Tips For A Bearded Dragon

  1. Well the most important tip I can give to you is that your Bearded Dragon must feel secure before they enjoy the interaction.

  2. Allow them to see you when trying to pick them up. If you don’t they will become a nervous wreck.

  3. I always hold Mario Worms in my hands when interacting with them.

  4. Feel relaxed when interacting with them as they will feel relaxed.

  5. I first had my Bearded Dragon in a area with high human activity in your home.

  6. Try talking to them.

  7. Speak to them and keep mentioning their name. Mine will come to me when I call their name.

  8. Make sure they don’t become to cold when you have them out their vivarium.

  9. If squirming don’t let them go until they have stopped if you do they think that they can get their own way.

  10. Enjoy the time with them.

  11. If watching T.V or stopping in one place have them on your lap.

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