Learn About Incubators And Be Able To Set Up A Incubator

About a bearded Dragon incubator

A female Bearded Dragon in the wild would lay her eggs two weeks onwards after mating. Female Bearded Dragons do not incubate the eggs like a chicken. The eggs are incubated using the earth’s heat in Australia.

This is why a Bearded Dragon incubator is needed as you would be able to get the same temperatures out side in other countries like the UK like Australia.

It is most important that the eggs are left two weeks in the incubator without being disturbed as these two weeks are the most important stage of the incubation. Needs to be built 1 week and 4 days after mating.


Creating the incubator

First collect the following items :


  • 1 x large Polystyrene Box

  • 1 x aquarium water heater.

  • 1 x water tub with no lid but have a depth to submerge aquarium water heater.

  • 2 x two litre ice cream tubs.

  • 1 x glass thermometer

  • 25 litre vermiculite


  1. Next open Polystyrene box and leave lid off.
  2. Cut grove into polystyrene box deep enough for wire.
  3. Fill water tub.
  4. Take off lid or the 2 ice cream tubs.
  5. Dampen down vermiculite. This should hold enough water but not dripping any water.
  6. Place the vermiculite 1cm from ridge of ice cream tubs.
  7. Submerge water heater in tub of water.Set water heater to 84 Fahrenheit and plug in also turn on.
  8. Put lid back on to build humidity.