Learn About Laying Box And Be Able To Set Up A Laying Box

Learn about laying box and be able to set up a laying box.


About the Laying Box

The laying box is a dark contain allowing no light in where a Female Bearded Dragon can lay her eggs. In the wild Female bearded Dragons would dig deep tunnels. So use a laying box is trying to create a false tunnel in which she a deep to her pleasure depth. This should be made the same day as she starts scratching.


Creating the Laying Box


First collect the following items:


  • 35 to 40 litre non see through storage container, must have lid.

  • 25 and 10 litre vermiculite bag.

  • Cutting equipment for laying box entrance hole.



  1. Buy a non see through storage container about 35 litres.

  2. Cut out a hole towards the lid big enough for the female to fit through.

  3. Leave the lid off.

  4. The vermiculite bags should be a 25 litre and a 10 litre.

  5. Fill this container with damp vermiculite. This should contain enough water but not dripping out water.

  6. Then place the vermiculite into the laying box covering the laying box floor space and a depth of 3 inches deep.

  7. Put lid back on la box.

  8. Place the laying box into the cool end of the vivarium.