My Experience With Bearded Dragons

How I started ?

I got my first Bearded Dragons in year 7 during the Autumn half-term holiday. I went for a pair Called Coal and Ciller due to their where very tame already. Even more, the times I’d been to consider choosing a pet lizard , Ciller and Coal kept running to the glass wanting to be picked up again like the time before when I was considering the lizard breed sizes.

So that Autumn half-term my parents paid for all the equipment , vivarium and bedding. So we collected all the equipment on that Saturday so that we could then pick the them up on the sunday. However there was a slight problem as they didn’t have the starter unit to power the vivarium UV tube. We were very pleased when the manger deicide to go to their other stores which did have it in stock during his free time so that we could pick it up later that day.

As Sunday morning came, I was very excited about collecting the Ciller and Coal. We where told collected them after the store had closed so that none of the other public could inter fear or spook them. Once we arrived we placed them into a cardboard box and took them home.

Once we arrived back at home we placed them into their new home with coal in the four foot vivarium at the bottom and Ciller into the top vivarium. But this was when another problem happened. The problem was that Ciller and Coal had never been split before therefore, Coal became stressed by scratching at the vivarium trying to get to Ciller in the vivarium above also not eating.

We came to a decision that we would keep the both in the four foot vivarium where they where both more confident and more relaxed. Some say you shouldn’t keep a male and female bearded dragon together as fighting will happen and under aged mating but we never had this problem lucky.


Are they good pets ?

This Autumn half term I will have three years of working experience with Bearded Dragons and I still think they are fantastic pets due to they adore human interaction and if ignored they will just keep scratching a the glass until let out or interacted with. Even more, They don’t have to be taken a walk at all but in hotter countries some people walk them on a leash and collar.

They do need their diet being watched as they can become lethargic when missing important supplement but once you created a diet sheet telling what vegetable they have each day it becomes very easy.

What I’m trying to achieve with them ?

At the moment I’m trying to hatch some baby Bearded Dragons that are due from the 5th of June onwards. I’m really looking forward due to it will be my first time and I have been waiting for Coal and Ciller to become more mature before breeding to prevent egg binding. This can cause deaths or a large vet bill.

I’m also looking for some more colourful morphs to be able to breed from but will mostly be pets. I personally do disagree to people who use them just to breed from.

As well, I’m asking some of the more experienced Bearded Dragon keepers about film work with my bearded dragons. I’m really would enjoy teaching them tricks for movies or documentaries. He said that he will mention me if anyone asks.