Selling Tips For Baby Hatchings

My selling tips for baby Bearded Dragons

  1. Ask you local reptile store if they would buy the from you. They will only buy them at the trade price .


  2. I Signed up to preloved where I can sell them for higher price than the my local reptile store.


  3. Ask different places how much they will buy them for as different place will buy them for different prices.


  4. Some time you can trade so many baby bearded dragons for so much live food or a vivarium.


  5. You can sell them a reptile shows for a higher price but also get great trades as well.


  6. Go on reptile forum where if people know your a good Bearded Dragon Keeper they will pay a higher price.


  7. Trade one for another stock from different breeder if trying to make a pair to avoid relative breeding with relative.