Understanding How Your Bearded Dragon Breeds

Bearded Dragons need to be a pair meaning a Male and Female. Once they have become a pair they will never split up.

Firstly female needs to be in seasons which is usually after brumation this a Bearded Dragon hibernation like Hedgehogs. They also both need to be over the age of 18 months this means they are mature enough and you will not egg bind hopefully.

The start of the breeding is where the Male starts his violent and vigorous head bobbing. This is the male showing of in front of the female.

The male will then jump onto the females back and then bite the skin at the back of her neck. Some time the skin will cut and tear. This is where you either take her to the vets. You can use some cotton wool around the bleeding area also applying pressure to stop the bleeding. Once stopped bleeding you then need to wrap the neck with cotton wool like a scarf. Then get an old ankle support to wrap over the cotton wool.

The male then lets go but the male tries to get his flap as close to her flap. This is the part where the male sperm goes into the female to join one of her eggs. She can have up to 40 eggs.

Once mated you will see her stomach skin begin to drop. It will take up to two weeks before you see the eggs that looks like marbles in her stomach. Around two weeks after mating will will be looking for some where to lay. This is your jobs now to provide a laying box quickly enough to prevent egg binding.