What Behaviour Or Mood Is My Bearded Dragon In ?

Head bobbing ?

Well my bearded dragon does head bobbing all the time. This a sign showing this is my female and your to keep away. They also do this when their about to mate with the female.


Glass dancing ?

Glass dancing is a common term for Bearded Dragon owners meaning their Bearded Dragon keeps standing on their hind legs and scratching with the front legs against the glass. This a friendly reaction wanting to be let out to see you or to be feed. My female always does this in excitement when she sees live food.


Bearded turning black ?

Again this is a common sight with Bearded Dragons mostly males. They will turn the beard pitch black also inflating it at the same time. This is a territorial motion telling you to keep away from their female. Most male bearded dragon will not bite you if you then continue to pick them up.


Arm waving

Arm waving is usually happens when the top Bearded Dragon puts the lower rank Bearded Dragons into position. My female always does this when my male bites the neck of the female. This sometime is a lead up to the start of mating.


Bearded Dragon inflating

Bearded Dragons will inflate when they think their being attacked this is a natural behaviour making their spins running along the edge of their belly become sharp also stiff. This will prevent a predator being able to eat them in the wild. The will also inflate them selves in water to keep them afloat which spreads out the body mass.



Climbing you

Your Bearded Dragon will climb higher on your to keep out predators reach and get a better eye view. They also will stay on your shoulder where they feel more secure.


Changing colour

Your Bearded Dragon will change colour depending on it’s internal temperature. They will become lighter to reflect more heat radiation and become darker to adsorb more heat radiation.


Hissing from Bearded Dragons

Well in my time of keeping bearded dragons for 3 years this September I’ve never had a Bearded Dragon hiss at me. This a an aggression behaviour telling you to keep away from them. I having these problems then you most likely need to look up Human interaction teaching tips for a Bearded Dragon.


Bearded Dragon scratching

Usually this is a sign of Female bearded dragons wanting to lay their eggs. To solve this problem you will need to provide a laying box.