What Do I Feed My Bearded Dragon


What type food can my Bearded Dragon consume ?

Well Bearded Dragons are omnivore meaning they can eat meat and vegetables. Bearded Dragons can’t eat meat from the shops like pork , beef and lamb. But they can eat live food live crickets , Mario worms, supper worms, locusts and pinkies(dead baby mice). They can also have most vegetables from the shops like wild rocket, water crest and Romanian lettuce.


What should a baby Bearded Dragon eat ?

Well I class baby Bearded Dragon up to 6 months. Up to 6 months of age they should be having very fine chopped vegetables. They can have very small sized crickets up to 3 months and after 3 months of age they can eat small sized crickets.

My rule is that they can’t have pinkies until age of 8 months. This is they will choke on these pinkies and can’t digest them.

I personally don’t like giving my Bearded Dragon pinkies but do give them Mario worms or crickets.

Look on the selected diet and food list for more options. This contains a varied diet in which bearded dragons need. You can also use Captive Bred forum which a friendly bunch of people unlike reptile forum which most people read but don’t post due people commenting.


What can adult bearded Dragon eat ?

Adult Bearded Dragons from 6 months can eat most vegetables but don’t need to worry how fine it is cut. But I always go by the food pieces should be smaller than their head.

Adult Bearded dragons can have most live food but you must use small pinkies for bearded dragons at any age. I personally wouldn’t give locusts until 12 months in age.

You must also give calcium supplements for your Bearded Dragon, I either sprinkle it over their vegetable in the food dish or get a small plastic tub or bag and shake the live food with the calcium supplement powder.

You must make sure that your Bearded Dragon diet must come to 5% protein or more. You can do this by using my Selected diet and food lists.