What Equipment Do I Need For Vivarium The Shopping List

What equipment do I need for vivarium the shopping list.


Here is a list of equipment that you will need to invest into to be able to keep Bearded Dragons. I have given brand names of products to help you find them as these are most common ones but also i’ve found very reliable products that don’t have faults mostly.

  • 1 x vivexotic vivarium measuring 1220mm (length) by 470mm (depth) by 525mm (height).
  • 2 x General house timers (must be able to set time on and time off).
  • 1 x Spay bottle if not having water dish.
  • Substrate babies: new paper or tiles and adults: i use any sort of tiles.
  • Any sort of décor
  • 1 x Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder And Bracket
  • 1 x Arcadia starter unit 25 to 30 watt for a 36” repti- glo 10.0 UV tube.
  • 1 x extension lead.
  • 1 x clear silicone.