Bearded Dragon Breeding Equipment Or Supplies

What do I Need ?


  1. 1 x Polystyrene box ( Usually can get from a reptile store if you ask).


  2. 2 x 25 litre vermiculite Bag

  1. 1 x ten litre vermiculite bag


  2. 5 x Take-away plastic boxes.


  3. 1 x Small tub about 15cm in diameter.


  4. Aquarium water heater.


  5. Cocktail umbrellas


  6. glass thermometer


  7. Large plastic box with lid. Not see through due to Bearded Dragons like to lay in darkness.


  8. Tea spoon


  9. Felt tip pen.


  10. Spare vivarium that’s equipped like your normal set up. Look on Setting up their enclosure (vivarium) page.


  11. Heat mat.


  12. Extra two Exo-Terra food dishes.

13.   Heat Mat