Basic Facts About Leopard Geckos

Leopard Gecko Facts

Leopard Geckos are always fabulous pet due to their small size and very little care requirements. They are least prone to illness or health issues making them extremely hardy. Due to their popularity there are plenty of information care sheets to care for them allowing even the novices to care for them with lots of success. Moreover, there is a huge variety of colour, pattern and styles of Leopard Gecko’s today.

Why do people keep Leopard Geckos?

Many people love leopard geckos for their small size body and very little excretion that doesn’t produce a smell encouraging less time needed for husbandry care.

Furthermore, Leopard Gecko’s don’t require a large vivarium allowing you to keep Leopard geckos with even the smallest amount of spare space making them the perfect sized lizard to suit anyone with small amount of space available.

Did You Know?

Leopard Geckos pattern help them camouflage into their surroundings making them less likely prey to the predators. This is because of their rough textured skin and their high pattern skin.

Did You know?

They have enlarge tail and enlarged triangular heads where fat is stored.  They total size is 6˝ – 7˝ at 18 months.

Did You Know?

There is around 24 different variation of Leopard Geckos Morphs around today mostly all of these are normally in stock with Leopard Gecko Morphs.