Leopard Gecko Vivarium Habitat


A single Leopard Gecko can be housed in a 2f (width) by 1.5f (depth) by 1.5 foot (height). However, if you’re getting 1 male and 2 female you will need a 3 foot (length) by 1.5 foot depth by 1.7 foot (height). You can get that size in most vivariums however I recommend the vivexotic vivarium.

Vivarium UV

Leopard Geckos do not need UV tubes as they have no UV sensitive cells under their skin meaning that they can use normal daylight. Furthermore, all Leopard Geckos are nocturnal meaning their most active during the night where there is no sunlight however some herpetologists recommend having a source of UVB.

Heating your Leopard Gecko

Like all cold blooded animals they have to bask in sunlight this process is called thermoregulation when a cold blooded animals move to different places in their environment.

Leopard Geckos will move into the basking spot to warm up but when they become too warm they will move into the cool end or hides.

Leopard Gecko vivarium is best heated using a heat mat and a mat stat in the basking end. The basking end of your vivarium should be around 85-95 degrees and the cool end of your vivarium should be 72-77 degrees.

During the night your vivarium should drop to 68-74 degrees.

What substrate does a Leopard Gecko need?

Many experienced Leopard Gecko keepers recommend that you use specific reptile carpet, newspaper or Lino.  Most people recommend not using any wood chippings or sand.

Water and Live food dish

In my experience you will need a shallow water dish in which you can buy Exo Terra Medium Feeding Dish.

Also you will need to buy an Exo-Terra Meal worm Feeding Dish in which this has a rim to prevent live food escaping out into your vivarium.

Types of hides

This may sound silly but a margarine tub with 2˝ damp newspaper or sphagnum moss. You can use hollowed logs or manmade caves but must used fill with 2” damp newspaper or sphagnum moss.

This helps your leopard gecko shed its skin but is allow used a laying box. You will need to have two in which one goes at the basking end and the other in the cool end or your vivarium.

Leopard Gecko Scenery/ decoration

Leopard Gecko vivarium have taken a fashion of fake rock scenery in which there shape a scenery using polystyrene and then coated in glue but then sprinkle sand over so that the sand glues to the polystyrene. To read more about this visit the link below:


Unfortunately there isn’t one for a Leopard Geckos but done for bearded dragon but would be the same but smaller scale.