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Do you want to keep Bearded Dragons ? How do I care for a Bearded Dragon ?

There is a huge range of Bearded Dragon books on the market but can’t choose which ones to picks, then look no further as here i’m giving the best books to buy out of many roaming around the world and wondering why. Well when I first wanted my Bearded Dragon my parents made me research about them, this allowed me to convince them to allow me keep bearded dragons but took me alot of effort to convince them. Yet all this work paid off as when you do get your bearded dragon you know how to procedd in the husbandry of bearded dragons. From all this i’ve kept mine for 5 years plus and done from the basic husbandry to breeding of bearded dragons.

So take the time to see read my review and few selected reviews of other buyers of the books I show below by following the link.

The Bearded Dragon Manual

Pet Owner’s Guide to the Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet