Pet Owner’s Guide To The Bearded Dragon

Pet Owner’s Guide to the Bearded Dragon

I’ve currently have this book from when I brought along with the Bearded Dragon Manual, I still now and again still referring back to it even after keeping Bearded Dragons for 4 or more years. Within this book it tells you plenty of key informational facts in easy understandable language making it very user friendly. Within this book you will be able to learn about the following contents of:

Introduction of Bearded Dragons- origin, appearance, habitat, diet, bearded dragon types and husbandry responsibility

Choosing Bearded Dragon- where to buy, what look for, assessing the stock (bad or good qualitative), age to buy, what sex and travelling

Setting Up- Vivarium, creating basking spots, creating cool or hot ends, habistat/thermostats, UV/lighting and source of food or water

Husbandry/ Routine Care- handling nail care, exercise, cleaning and infection alerts

Diet/ Feeding- suitable plant matter, live food, frozen food, juvenile feeding, adult feeding, fussy eaters and supplements

Breeding- sexual maturity, creating a nesting site, preparation, laying, incubation and hatchling care

Health Care: diseases, infections, common ailments, parasites, veterinary information/contacts.

Sourced Reviews From Amazon:

Great book, bought this for my son a few weeks before we picked up his dragon, it has lots of useful information in and good hints. Also fab to use as reference now the dragon is here.

Order received quicker than expected .The Book is very informative and the grandchildren have found it very useful for their new pets.

Good book with many useful facts on how to keep your bearded dragon happy and healthy.

I purchased this book for my 12 year old granddaughter to help her with her new pet. It was a perfect blend of photographs and age appropriate information written at her reading level. I highly recommend this book for new bearded dragon owners.

This book has been and will continue to be very helpful to my son (10) in the care of his new bearded dragon. The language is simple and complete. I highly recommend this book

Pet Owner’s Guide to the Bearded Dragon