The Bearded Dragon: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

The Bearded Dragon: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

The Bearded Dragon: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, this book is fablous book on the market so tempted to buy it my self. I never realised how much this book is perfect guide that really user friendly with lots of joyful factual facts with a ease of reading it. Even more it’s has lots of in depth information to the topics which means that will suit any bearded dragon keeper no matter the experince. A main comment seems to be that the book express the information with full colour pictures that actually illustrate what is explained. I never concidered this book until now as it hadn’t had any reviews in the uk however on it has lots comments rating it 5 star with genuie comment of best bearded dragon book ever.

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This book offers lots of info on the care, health, and maintenence of bearded dragons. Also, it is a very specific guide for feeding, tank setup, breeding, incubator setup, and raising hatchlings. This book also points out the behavioural characteristics of bearded dragons and what they are “saying” to you or another bearded dragon. I found the courtship section to be most helpful when my boyfriend and I wanted to see if our beardies would co-habitate in a friendly manner. This book has photographs of different color phases of bearded dragons, and would make a great coffee table book.

This book is great for beginners just starting out with keeping beardies. Well-illustrated with many beautiful photographs. Easy to understand and covers the basics of each aspect of keeping dragons. Fantastic and detailed info on feeding. This book is a great companion for the other book I purchased called “The Bearded Dragon Manual” by Philippe De Vosjoli.

I have a bearded dragon named Mojove,she is very healthy and strong . I have decided to breed bearded dragons , I still have lots to learn but this book helped me alot. It explained the basics of breeding to the very complicated things like building an incubator.My favorite thing about this book was the photography, it showed everything about bearded dragons. Mothers burrowing eggs, different breeds of bearded dragons etc… . I love bearded dragons, mine is my pride and joy , this book helped me understand the habits and thinking of bearded dragons. It explained diet for bearded dragons and their mating behaviors, their housing and how to raise baby beardies. I highly recomend this book &, a bearded dragon.Thanks a lot! P.s- Leonardo Dicaprio owns a beardie named Blizz.

I would recommend this book to anyone new to beardies, easy read with lots of good info. There are other books out there with more info, but this will give you all you need to know to get started.

This handy HardBack gives a complete and quick reference guide to the most important information needed about keeping a Bearded Dragon for a Pet. Most people prefer this format, like a midsized coffee-table type book, with lots and lots of very well done and attractive pictures on every single page to accompany a more personalized format of relating a wealth of very, important information. Not just what to do, but how, why, and how important it is. Younger folk, curious friends and others will pick this book up near the tank, and easily find out for themselves things they might be wondering about or never thought to ask. “The Bearded Dragon Manual,” a suggested companion book, is more like a medical/technical reference guide, necessary with more detailed information, but will keep on the shelf. as your “go to” in times of trouble. This HardBack book by Tom Mazorlig, “Bearded Dragon (Success with a Reptile Pet)”, is the one you will keep right out front to show your friends, and everybody else, or use for the kids.

Bearded Dragon
(Success with a Reptile Pet)