The Bearded Dragon Manual

The Bearded Dragon Manual
Well this book was my first ever book (I think the best book out of the lot), I actually have read this book from front to back over and over again in generall joy, even more I have referred to this book in many occasions. This help me learn the very basics to some of the complicated breeding. This book is very user friendly with in a perfect depth of information thats illustrated with large coloured images. Not only that it contains a section on Bearded Dragon Morphs thats labeled next to the coloured image of that morph.

Reviews Sourced From Amazon:

What a book! I honestly think its the best bearded dragon book ever. It tells you everything you need to know about (housing, feeding, handling)

This is a really helpful book if you’re a proud dragon owner 🙂
It’s helped me a huge amount, especially when breeding our dragons. I’d advise any beadie owners to buy this, especially good for new owners but great for anyone no matter how experienced.

Great book and very useful. I was told when I got our Bearded Dragon to get one book and stick to it (that way you don’t get caught up with all the conflicting information in different books and on the internet). This book has been a godsend and we have one very healthy and happy dragon to prove it.

This book is a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about bearded dragons and I highly recommend this book it manage to change my mind from a big ig to a brilliant beardie!

Bearded Dragon Manual
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