Irian Jaya Carpet Python Set Up

What Makes An Irian Jaya At Home

Having the right set-up for you Irian Jaya Carpet Python will save you a lot of money in the long run but also keep your Irian Jaya in top health. There are many ways about going so about how to do so but I shall tell you about what works best for me from my experience:

Vivarium: The Vivarium is the house for the Irian Jaya which I always used a wooden vivarium of which I’ve always brought Vivexotic as I know the quality of them when I come to buy new ones.  Some say you need buy smaller vivarium whilst snake young then get larger as the snake does however I believe any size vivarium would work as long they feel secure.

            Heating: Heating is another vital component of the vivarium as all reptiles rely on heat to be able to move and metabolically function hence without heat they simply unable to move. I have found despite having heat mats on matt stats the temperatures just fluctuate too frequently instead I use a ceramic heat bulb 100w into a ceramic holder which then connected to dimming thermostat preventing temperatures to become too high or low protecting your snake. Another safety precaution is a heat bulb guard which a metal messed/open-hole box enclosing the basking bulb preventing your snake burning its self on the basking bulb which if so would do tremendous damage if not death.  I also have a digital thermometer to double check the temperatures are correct.


Lighting: Again some would argue that Snake don’t require UVB however I’m a keen herpetologist to do so seeing the benefits of my reptiles doing slow be more active, higher color contrast and genuinely a happier animal. A friend of mine always quotes “Every animal requires UVB of some form and only animal that would do so is a bat which I ain’t keeping” in his Black Country accent for those who know the midlands region of United Kingdom.


Substrate: Substrate again is pretty open to what you personally would prefer yourself I personally use aspen bedding as believe its comfy substrate for snake that’s able to curl up into it. Others use news-paper however I found when using a heat bulb the ink/chemicals began to emit which I don’t believe very healthy.


Decor: I recommend that you put plenty of climbing branches for your Irian Jaya to use as they love to climb, I also use rope myself but the one without the lose fibres or rough instead use the smooth tight yielded one instead.

They also love hide to go into which they will use after having a meal to go hide in and digest their meal out the way of predators; on the market they are lots of hides to buy that are fabricated design like skulls of animals or rockery etc .. Personally I brought some chunk slate to give height acting as the base then a flat piece of slate to spam the gap between the two base components place in the basking end to give a cool hide but also a raise platform for my Irian Jaya to bask close to the heat.

You can also buy fake scenery e.g. fake vines or plants etc; however I believe it is difficult to clean and keep hygienic for your snake. Despite this you can buy the fake backgrounds of like a rockery background are easy to clean so no issue. I personally myself used fish aquarium background but make sure it is secure against the back of your vivarium and easily in different images of scenery and best of all simple to clean down when cleaning out the vivarium.

I find sometimes always best to go onto a forum and look at what members have done to get ideas of what you could do but also read the comments to see if their possible proms or cons with their idea/layout.


Water: Most Irian Jayas will want something to hold water which they can bath their entire body in also my snake will regularly drink from her water bowl at times she even submerge her entire body but leaving her naval passes just about the water surface to breath.