Irian Jaya Feeding

Feeding Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons

Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons will generally have chicks, mice or rats which you buy frozen from your local reptile shop or can buy off large online frozen food companies now days which is always excellent quality but just check for reviews first on the company before hand.  In the wild they would generally feed on mammals or birds.

I personally take my Irian Jaya out her vivarium when feeding her placing her into a large rub (plastic box with holes for air flow) in which far easier to feed as any bits that maybe deposited from the item being fed isn’t in your vivarium. Secondly I believe feeding in the vivarium can teach your snake to believe what warm that enters the vivarium is a meal which makes them vivarium defensive however feeding in the rub mine learnt the two differences if coming out the vivarium is usually to be handled and if in rub what I drop in with tongs is a meal for her.

The feeding rub must have a secure lid on if so as Irian Jaya are excellent escape artists, food being fed always best done in aid of tongs to prevent a mistaken target of your hands as the feeding item.

Generally in evening Irian Jaya will feed better however I believe no matter what time I feed mine if she hungry she hungry so willing to eat.


          Hatchlings: As hatchlings you would feed your Irian Jaya you would feed rat pups.


Juveniles: With Juveniles you can on small mice then gradually build up to XL mice which my Irian Jaya was taking 5 XL mice a week at 14 months old so then went onto two weaner rats per week.


Adults: As Adults their a generally rule to feed rats that are twice the thickness of their own body which they will easily swallow however I’m always careful to compare their skull size and head to the prey I’m going to feed.  For a full grown adult Irian Jaya two adult rats will last about a fortnight.