Irian Jaya Handling

Handling Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons

Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons aren’t a snake that happy to curl around you being content instead they far more active wanting to constantly on the move exploring and keeping you constantly thinking their next move as you’re handling them. This should put you off having one what so ever as once they used to their surrounding it becomes less and less.

Younger they are the more nippy they are but as they grow large becoming older they become more and more docile/calm to handle.

I took on mine on as a second owner which the previous owner feed her in her vivarium and little handling of her so at first she was very vivarium defensive striking at anything coming to her.

With Irian Jaya Carpet Python they don’t like to played around to get out their vivarium; so to handle them you got do a clean quick removal of them out their vivarium once out they are far more relaxed and enjoyed being handled.  I found holding them close to your body and letting them feed through your hands they feel secure if not secure they can be a little skittish afraid of falling.

Never be afraid to ask someone more experienced of any problems you have when handling as they may have an answer what they found worked for them when they had a similar issue.